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Government contracts are lucrative, reliable and... often hard to get. We want to give you the blueprint to capitalizing on opportunities as a MWBE, DBE, SDVOB, or 8a Certified Business. 

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Did you get certified only to realize…

It didn’t move your business forward as much as you hoped it would?

You might be doing all the right things... Attending events. Submitting RFPs. But you are tired of not seeing the results?

It’s really easy to give up on the idea that you’ll be able to make the most of out of your certification.

The truth is: the problem is not with you... but with the system.

The Monroe Accelerator will simplify the hard work and help you spend less time stressing through our proven methods.

We've Made The Mistakes... So You Don't Have To

Hiring the wrong people, using the wrong procurement systems, getting the wrong PR agents, structuring RFPs the wrong way...

We've made all of the above mistakes and many more. But the good news is: we've learned from each and every mistake and we'll teach you everything we wish we knew before we started.

This way you can breeze past all the hidden dangers without wasting precious time, money, and energy.

We designed the Monroe Accelerator specifically for Certified firms who are getting by but want to take their contracts to the next level. Firms who feel lost in the public bidding process. Firms who want to see results. Because we've been in your shoes. We know the pain points and how to navigate through them first hand.

Getting Out Of The Vicious Cycle

Does this sound familiar?

First you take on work you don't want to do because you have to pay the bills...

Then you have less time to apply to higher-paying projects you actually want to do...

Then your applications aren’t winning bids and you aren’t sure what to do to fix things...

And then you miss out on those higher-paying projects and the cycle repeats once again.

Nailing Down Lucrative Government Contracts

Getting government contracts offer stable growth potential, they can be large in size, but they are not easy to get.

To succeed, it’s not enough to work hard. You also have to follow the right processes and work smart. Otherwise all your hard work will be wasted.

This can be especially difficult for those who have had success in the private contracting world, because government contracts can be an entirely different beast.

It’s Time to Change The Numbers

This course was made specifically with certified firms in mind because minorities, women, and veterans make up 60% of many large city populations, but certified firms currently get about 1-3% of government contract spend.

This is a systemic problem that can only be fixed by working together.

Our local, state, and federal government has taken some steps to work on this problem, but we all know there’s much more to be done.

To do that, each and every one of us has to play a part. It is up to us to show them that we will maximize the opportunities we do get, keep pushing for economic equity in government spending, and support each other through the complex world of government contracts.

This course and community is here to help you do just that.


Business Builder Gold Package: Complete Course with Templates, Lessons, and Worksheets


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  • 8 Templates (Valued at 2K: You’ll literally save thousands by not having to hire and train staff.  We’ve done the work for you)
  • 12 Worksheets (Valued at 1K)
  • Access to a network of teaming opportunities, bid opportunities from the network of certified firms, and networking opportunities (Valued at 2K)
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Subscription to Monthly Group Coaching Calls, RFP Drops, and Material Review Sessions


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  • 2 review sessions of your Capabilities Statement (Valued at $300)

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  • 1 review session of one of your proposals (Valued at $2K)

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

If you purchase this course, you will be joining a community and getting the answers that lead to winning larger contracts.  We’ve broken down the steps in an easy to follow.

Module 1

You Got Certified, Now What?

You’ll learn how to identify additional certification opportunities and how to leverage your current certifications.  We will give you all of the steps about how to align your expectations, set your times and the mindset that you need in order to run your company like a 7-8 figure CEO who is regularly tapped for contracting opportunities.

Module 2

Laying the Groundwork for Your 8 Figure Back End Office Operations

Do you know how to hire the team that will help you build the 8 figure business that your company could become?  We teach you the tools on how to build the systems and leverage your current team so that you can build the back-end operations that will allow your business to grow.  We dive into topics like how to stay on top of market research, how to organize your currents systems to increase capacity, handling security concerns,  and the types of hiring systems that large companies use to bring in top talent.

Module 3

The Marketing Plans that Ensure Your Company Stands Head and Shoulders Above Your Competition

Stop attending events and wondering if you will land future contracts.  This module teaches you all of the steps that you need to share a compelling value proposition that will have government agencies seeking YOU out.  You’ll learn advanced branding strategies that have landed our company 5 and 6 figure contracts.  We break down our systems in a simple to follow format so that you can duplicate these materials and asset to position yourself successful bidding opportunities

Module 4

The Art of Networking

We teach you the strategies that help you maximize your time at in person and virtual events and a template to know how to target the agencies that will be most likely to hire your company.

Module 5

The Hidden Gem: Using Teaming and Partnering as a Strategy

Teaming and Partnering is a super ninja strategy!  We walk you through how to leverage this idea including sharing several different teaming strategies that have allowed us to earn substantially more without waiting years for the opportunities.   We share tips on how to negotiate with a Prime Contractor.  We even share good and bad examples of teaming so that you can avoid the mistakes and negotiate for the best opportunities.

Module 6

RFPs: The Secrets to Applying to More RFPs with a Small Team

Do you ever wonder how the large companies compete for so many contracts?  Yes, it helps to have years of experience.  But you can also compete at the same level if you know the right systems to help you find, write and submit more RFPs in a timely fashion.  We’ll share the best website to check for opportunities and our secrets on pricing so that you can be competitive yet earn a profit.  We also have added a ton of templates, tips and design tools to make the procurement process SUPER easy once you start applying.

We have included a special discount on a RFP writing software for all students. Which could begin to pay for the price of the course alone!

Module 7

Saying Yes to the Contract

We cover one of the toughest topics for certified companies - the finances.  Far too often, we set our sales numbers and forecast based on past projects.  Instead we will help you plan your finances for the future.  You’ll learn how to set forecast goals, stretch goals and how analyze future potential projects and gaps.  You’ll learn insider tips on how to acquire the right finances and the exact steps you should take when you get the that you position yourself to be invited back multiple times. 

Meet Your Guide to it All

Desmonde Shalom Monroe is an Innovative Executive Consultant with more than ten years of diverse experience in Disaster Recovery, Community Development, Compliance, Affordable Housing Development, Program and Project Management in a fast-paced organization. He is an industry leader that is one of Business Equality Magazines 2019 40 under 40, and has been featured in other publications such as, BuzzFeed, Blavity, and Authority magazine, and Bisnow. He used his experience on both the government and corporate sides of the contracting process when creating his company, The Monroe Group. He quickly saw that even though his business idea was good, the system kept a lot of doors closed and he'd have to figure things out himself if he was going to succeed. He didn't want anybody else to go through that and wanted to help others build business and wealth, in their own personal lives and their community, which is why he created this course with the help of his experienced team. The systems and strategies he is sharing with you have secured his own firm multi-million dollar public contracts with city agencies.

And your Instructors

Malla Haridat is an award winning entrepreneurship coach/strategist.  As the founder and CEO of New Designs for Life (MWBE certified), Malla is a nationally recognized expert and has trained over 7,000 participants.  She has traveled extensively throughout the United States working in partnership with companies developing creative solutions for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Her company was awarded the New York City Small Business Award of the Year.  She has been featured in media including The New York Times, Black Enterprise, Inc, Fox Small Business, Huff Post, Fast Company, and ABC.

Malla Haridat

Jason is an expert at teaming and project management strategies. He has extensive experience running $200M+ bids with government agencies including projects like construction of the Grand Central and Times Square corridors, Port Authority bus terminal construction, and highway construction for the NJ Turnpike.

Jason Rodriguez

Lindi is Senior Operations Manager at The Monroe Group with diverse experience managing robust procurement systems, real estate deals, federal trials, and grassroots marketing campaigns. She has used The Monroe Accelerator procurement systems to win multimillion dollar bids at The Monroe Group. She developed the operations/organizational/tracking systems she teaches in this course pulling from her experience working at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston on landmark cases where organization was not only helpful for caseload capacity, it was crucial to agency success.

Lindi Nguyen

Frequently Asked Questions

The First Step Is The Hardest

The first step to positioning yourself for more government contracts is investing in yourself.

Whether you already have the people in place and need to retrain them, or you have to hire new people...the first couple of weeks are going to be the hardest.

We’ll show you exactly how to work through the common barriers we all seem to face and show you our strategies on how to overcome them. We’ll offer you a community to come back to for support. We’ll offer you templates and worksheets to set up your systems for success.

So if you’re ready to take the next step and make the most out of your certification, just click the button below.

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