"I just finished the accelerator modules, definitely insightful! The templates are really useful.

-Saint CYR Art Studio

Saint-Cyr Art Studio is a woman-owned mural company specializing in large scale commercial murals and community murals for engagement!

 The firm designs and manages mural projects for schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, municipalities, and non-profits. Clients include the NYC DOE, Mastercard, and NYC DOT.

The knowledge and information provided in the Monroe Accelerator course is second to none. Desmonde, Lindi and their team of professionals have a proven track record for securing large government contracts, and to have them sharing their process with us is truly invaluable. The Monroe Accelerator has helped us develop more efficient procurement strategies and leverage our capacity for bigger business.

-Soulful Synergy

Soulful Synergy is an MBE offering a wide range of consulting services, including workforce, community, and business development consulting, Section 3 consulting, partnership development & networking, and M/WBE certification assistance. They have recently won funding from NYSERDA and the Department of Labor.

“I have worked with Desmonde over the years and he has always been a trusted resource and friend. The Monroe Accelerator is what Certified firms need to scale to the next level and go after bigger contracts. If you want to scale your business to new levels, I strongly recommend this program to any M/WBE business.”

-Brim & Brand

Brim & Brand is a Branding, Marketing & Networking agency. The MBE firm specializes in full custom graphic, web design solutions, and uniform  for many different industries including technology, law, retail, marketing, fashion and more. Some of our most popular service offerings include: branding / logo design, website design and maintenance, print marketing, large scale trade-show graphics, presentation design, online social media marketing design, packaging and accessory design.

“The Monroe Group has helped us venture into the public bidding space over the past year. We had been successful in the private sector but wanted to diversify our income streams. With Desmonde's systems in place, we have just begun our first government contract and are in the final rounds for two other multi-million dollar contracts.”

-Walker Ridge LLC

Walker Ridge is one of New York’s premiere construction and development firms. They have completed over 400 projects totaling half a billion dollars in revenue in that last 10 years. 

“The team is so helpful. Very responsive and helped me see new ways to do business as an MWBE.”

-Local Citizens Community Engagement & Arts Management

With strong roots in Brooklyn, Local Citizens is a M/WBE community engagement and arts management company that has raised and distributed over $500,000 to local artists and organizations through the creation of programs developed for our clients.